Are you a believer in God, the Holy Spirit, and  Jesus Christ? Do you dream often, vivid and in color? Have any of your dreams actually happened? Do you tend to know what people are thinking AND feeling without them saying a word–even people you do not know well? Sometimes, have you found yourself finishing their thoughts or sentences? Do you feel people’s energy very easily when you walk in a room? Do you often have Daja vu? Have you experienced what is termed “Sleep Paralysis”? Have you found that people are easily drawn to you, and want to tell you, a complete stranger, ALL their problems in life in any random setting? Are “broken” people, in general drawn to you? Do you tend to attract what is termed “energy vampires”? Have you seen or experienced the spiritual realm in which we live physically?

If you answered yes to the first question AND any of the subsequent questions, you may find this website very useful. On this site, I explore the questions above and more.

These are things that I have struggled with my entire life and did not, readily,  have the answers to because these are not the type of things that are talked about in the common/general church–although it should be because it is biblical and paramount to our spiritual growth in understanding who we are through God.

God is a spiritual being; no one who believes in him will deny that, yet we do not truly embrace ourselves as spiritual beings or fully mentally accept that there is a spiritual aspect to our physical world. Embracing ourselves in this element IS our connection to God because we were made in His image. The image of God IS spiritual in nature; not physical or mental. Our struggles in the physical body are mostly due to spiritual ailments.

(Hosea 4:1)